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Life & Springtime | January Glimpses of Joy

Sometimes when reading scripture, I lose the meaning of what these words mean. The Bible uses all these abstract yet common words that we're all expected to know what they mean. But the more I read them, the less they seem to actually mean something real to me. Love. Light. Truth. Life. This month I've… Continue reading Life & Springtime | January Glimpses of Joy

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What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

Hey Friends! Here's what I've been up to his month. What I'm Eating First, I've started making shakes for breakfast! This way I'm at least having something jumpstart my metabolism and all in all, it's healthier than what I usually eat for breakfast (i.e. leftover pizza or cupcakes :/). Here's my recipe: 1 cup of… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017


It started with a calendar quote.

If you've ever prepped for a job interview, attended a Christian college or went to a team building seminar, you're probably aware of the Strengths Finder assessment. Since I've done all 3, I'm aware that my number 1 strength is connectedness. There's many ways this plays out in people, but for me it means that… Continue reading It started with a calendar quote.

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Things I’m Loving: April Edition

Hello! It's been a while...I've been so negligent. I came back here and it was still all decked out in fall foliage pictures. How embarrassing. Do you ever get it in your head that you shouldn't dive into something until you have it all figured out and perfect? That's how I've been feeling about blogging… Continue reading Things I’m Loving: April Edition