God Is Reflection Series | What to Expect

Thank you so much for embarking on this one month challenge with me! 

Here’s what you can expect each weekday in the month of May:

An Attribute of God: You will be given a short paragraph that fleshes out what this attribute means (by definition) but also the implications this has for the world and your life if this is true. These summaries are pulled from the teachings of Jen Wilkin’s books None Like Him and In His Image. I encourage you to check them out if you want to go deeper.

A Bible Reading: I’ll provide a passage of scripture that exemplifies this attribute. I tried to pull whole chapters so that you have a fuller context of the passage, so some of the text might not seem relevant or you might have to search for why it was chosen. 

Three Reflection Questions:

1. Do you believe this to be true?

First, of course, test if you believe what is written above is theologically sound. But the real purpose of this question is to give you space to reflect on if you, deep down, really believe this is who God is. How does your life show that you believe this? What is holding you back from truly believing this? Are there lies or life experiences that are causing you to believe this isn’t true? 

2. When have you been awed by [this attribute]? How can you use this experience to increase your awe of God? 

Sometimes God feels very abstract and distant, especially since he is the only one that possesses half of the attributes that we’ll look at and possess all of them infinitely and beyond our human comprehension. Often if I can’t fully wrap my mind around something, I give up and stop engaging it (i.e.- any college math class). But God says that although he can’t be fully known, he can be known and calls us to continue to pursue him. 

So the purpose of this question is to stop you from feeling paralyzed by the foreignness of God’s attributes and instead look around your world and your life and think about when you’ve seen a glimpse of this attribute that God has sprinkled into his creation. When we refuse to engage (really think about what it means) it can be harder to praise. This question is not meant to belittle God’s attribute, but to find the beauty and truth that is in the world as a result of that attribute and turn our hearts to praise the source of it.

3. How have you seen God’s [attribute] in your life? 

God is real and God is personal. That means that if he is acting in your life he’s true to his character. This is a chance to reflect on how God has shown these parts of his character to you personally. To realize that the God who is all of these great things is also a God who wants to be known intimately by you. Can’t think of anything? Ask others if they have seen this aspect of God’s character show up in their life. Maybe ask God to show up for you in this way this week or ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how he already is.

Some things to remember before starting and as you go through the study:

As alluded to above, when trying to “define” God, we will always fall short. I found this commentary from She Reads Truth about how we should think about the attributes of God to be a good reminder as we start:

“Whatever we think of when we think about God is, at the very least, incomplete. He is infinite, but our imaginations are limited. He is unfathomable, so our thoughts cannot plumb the depths. He is the Creator of everything, yet we are constrained by metaphors that come from the created world…

And yet we can know Him. He has graciously entered our world, time and time again, so that we might be His children and true image-bearers…

Theologians have made many a complicated list of God’s attributes…but those books amount to what we can know about God. We have been given an opportunity to go much deeper than that. We have been invited to love Him and be loved by Him – to know Him in a way that defies our limited capacity of knowledge and understanding and, in so doing, bring Him glory. 

Whatever measure of knowledge we have about God is granted to us so that we might worship Him, not merely as admirers from afar but as dearly loved children.”

I hope this series is such an opportunity.

See you Monday,


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