Gilmore Girls Challenge S1, E12: Double Date

Welcome back to the Gilmore Girls Challenge. Grab a friend and watch the episode with me! Each episode, I share my thoughts and a challenge to do something the Gilmores do during the show.


Thoughts from the Episode

  • The intro- a true morning in the life of the Gilmores! Brought to you by pop tarts, coffee and fashion advice.
  • I love that Lorelai is taking classes and working.
  • Oh, Lane. You won’t meet your soulmate until season 3 and know it until season 5.
  • I feel you, Sookie. The beginning of relationships are hard…and so awkward.
  • Rory, a natural matchmaker :p
  • And Lorelai ends up with who she’s supposed to on the date 🙂
  • And he almost asked her out!! I totally forgot about that. Way to ruin it Mrs. Kim.
  •  I love that they had pagers. This show is ancient.
  • Ok, what do you guys think? Would Lorelai have said yes if Luke asked her out on a proper date at the end of the episode?

This week’s challenge

Go on a Double or Blind Date! In college, my girlfriends and I each set each other up with someone- it was a blind double date! It didn’t go super well…but we had some great memories to laugh about for a LONG time. Be sure to get ready together like Lorelai and Sookie and hopefully your date will go better than Lorelai’s!

If that’s not doable, here are a few other ideas from the episode:

  • Establish a Morning Routine- coffee’s mandatory, pop tarts optional.
  • Make meringue- and if you’re channeling your inner Sookie, make it the shape of Alaska.
  • Read Sylvia Plath.


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