Gilmore Girls Challenge S1, E11: Paris is Burning

Welcome back to the Gilmore Girls Challenge. Grab a friend and watch the episode with me! Each episode, I share my thoughts and a challenge to do something the Gilmores do during the show.


Happy New Year! We’re back at season one of the Gilmore Girls Challenge.

Thoughts from the Episode

  • First, I want my town to have puppies to adopt in the Town Square.
  • I agree with Lorelai, hamsters are weird.
  • True confession, anytime I watch someone drink wine on TV, I want to drink wine. But alas, it’s 9 a.m. as I write this, so I must resist.
  • What the heck is ossobuco?
    • According to Wikipedia: “Ossobuco is a Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth.”
  • Poor Rory. That was one awkward interaction.
  • Oh, Lorelai. Afraid of commitment. I’m glad we’re seeing some of her flaws though. Way to go Sookie and Rory for pushing through her crap.
  • Yay Sookie & Jackson! So begins one of our favorite couples. #sookson4eva #jackie4life
  • Ahhh…I love the end of this episode. They really are best friends.

This week’s challenge

Go on a Skating Date! Ice skating is the best. Why? Lots of people fall while ice skating and that’s funny. Don’t forget to watch the Tonya Harding shoelace debacle before going. Or just read her Wikipedia article– she crazy.

If that’s not doable, here’s a few other ideas from the episode:

  • Go to a pet store and pet a puppy- find your own Buttercup.
  • Have a Romantic Dinner– Roses, cloth napkins, candles, sombrero napkin holders. And don’t forget the Ossobuco.
  • Read a Literary Classic- Max recommends Swanns Way by Proust, Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman.


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