The Other “Glimpses of Joy”

Last week I shared about Lewis’ concept of joy:a longing for the ineffable, something so otherworldly that even our desire for it seems alien: ‘It is… an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction.’” (Whitesell, 2013)

This type of joy hits you when you least expect it, it’s beyond your control and it reminds you that there must be more to this life. These glimpses are few and far between but when they come their light shines bright in your life.

So what do you do in the moments in-between? How do you keep joy and perspective in the quiet moments of life when God seems silent?

It is in these seasons that you need gratitude. A heart of gratitude searches for the small sparks of joy in your life that are hiding in the mundane. You have to intentionally look to find them and when isolated they don’t seem to bring much light. But the more you see and feed, the more likely those sparks will catch and light up.

For the past few months at the end of each day, I would pause to record a little glimpse of joy from my day. The longer I recorded, the more patterns I found. I was surprised to find that these little glimpses were not always the most exciting or fun moment of the day. Often it was a moment of quiet or a private thought or feeling. Often I noticed themes to my glimpses and had to pause and reflect on what that was telling me about my life and heart in this season. And always, I found that it was worth it to do and I was better off for recording, reflecting on and sharing these moments.

How are you practicing gratitude and searching for the small glimpses of joy in your life?

Sunset in the Park

This blog is my space to record and share those moments. Here are my last few glimpses:

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

Stay tuned next Thursday for August’s glimpses (:




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